October 2023 - Guild Progress Update

Welcome to the Guild of Entrepreneurs Monthly Progress Report

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We are a decentralised, transparent, profitable community of entrepreneurs helping each other learn and grow.

Our Mission: To ensure every entrepreneur is supported

Guiding Principles: Avoid replication, partner wherever possible, and always serve the community first.

Progress overview

This month, we’ve seen strong engagement in our Guild Gather sessions, with entrepreneurs coming together to connect and collaborate. However, we’ve noticed lower participation rates in the forum compared to previous years.

This has sparked an important discussion - what is the purpose and value of the forum in the age of AI? When the Guild first started, the forum provided a place for people to ask questions and get thoughtful answers from trusted experts within the community. With the rise of AI assistants that can provide immediate responses to queries, the forum’s role may need to evolve?

We have had some great discussions around this topic and as always we are working on some exciting things to help but it would be good to get your input below.

Progress metrics

What is DAU/MAU? DAU/MAU, or Daily Active Users over Monthly Active Users, is a key performance indicator (KPI) commonly used in the tech industry to measure user engagement for a product, particularly digital platforms and applications. This ratio helps assess how often users engage with a platform within a given month.

To break it down:

  • DAU (Daily Active Users): The number of unique users who interact with the platform on any given day.
  • MAU (Monthly Active Users): The number of unique users who engage with the platform at least once within a 30-day period.

The DAU/MAU ratio is calculated by dividing the DAU by the MAU for the same time frame, typically resulting in a number between 0 and 1. For example, if you have 1000 DAUs and 5000 MAUs, your DAU/MAU ratio would be 0.2, or 20%.

A higher ratio suggests stronger user engagement, indicating that users are returning to the platform more frequently within the month. Conversely, a lower ratio suggests that while the platform may have a broad reach, it doesn’t command regular or frequent usage among its audience.

By monitoring DAU/MAU, businesses can better understand the ‘stickiness’ of their product, which can be invaluable for informing product development, user experience design, and marketing strategies.

#1 metric estimating how much value entrepreneurs are getting

#2 metric because reaching entrepreneurs is central to our mission

The Guild Financials

Become a Guild Steward ($15/month). They propose and vote on how to spend our profit, help cover the overheads of the Guild, and are invited to join the Guild’s Board of Advisors to steer and govern the community and gain a digital badge within the Guild.

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This month has surfaced a pivotal question about our forum, challenging us to reimagine its role in an age of AI. Rather than retreat from disruption, we must lean into it, centering our technology around profound human truths. If we listen to the whispers of our souls, we will find new ways to uplift each other. Our work calls us to nothing less than the full flowering of human potential.

Very philosophical :slightly_smiling_face: