Hugh Driver

Ex-lawyer, ex-banker, worked on 3 continents.

Hugh's introduction

Tell us, in three sentences or less, about your current entrepreneurship endeavour

At the date of writing (29 September 2020), I've just tendered my resignation from Macquarie Group after a 16 year career their as lawyer then private equity banker then leveraged finance risk analyst then strategy-through-data guy. My entrepreneurship endeavour is to help other entrepreneurs, advising them on structuring their businesses for growth, structuring their governance around pitfalls and refining business plans, using the insights I've gained over 20 years living and working in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney again. I do this for the joy of learning and helping others, while exploring life-after-banking and finishing up my EMBA studies.

What's something that annoys most people, but that you really enjoy?

I stay fit by boxing and enjoy getting punched. Each punch an opponent lands on me is a reminder that I need to work harder and smarter. I've got 12 fights in front of paying crowds under my belt, but don't ask about my win/loss record. 

In my spare time, when not getting punched, I make noises on my modular synthesiser and run a small window art gallery in Darlington (just down the road from Sydney Uni's business school).
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