Bryna Budiman

Creative Entrepreneur || Founder of 7 Days of Grateful
Hi everyone! I'm Bryna and I created 7 Days of Grateful to help people going through mental health struggles find joy and purpose. I like to do art, writing and music on the side. I am a foodie and love to travel.

I need help with

Hi everyone! I have just created a landing page. My creative business is called Tatt Tale Inc. It is the acronym of Transforming Art through The Tale. I already have a landing page as MVP. It is at: ! The one time passcode access is walkingwithjoy ! Please share your support by subscribing to the email list and also twitter @tatttaleinc . I also have the Facebook page at Tatt Tale Inc! We can connect through LinkedIn at Bryna Budiman.Β 

I also need help in finding UI/UX designers.

Am free for online coffee- hoping to find a technical co-founder who is also passionate in creative branding, product design & storytelling.

One last time, please support @tatt.tale on instagram!Β 

Have a great day y’all!
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7 Days of Grateful

Hi everyone! My name is Bryna Budiman. I graduated from my Master of Laws at University of Sydney back in 2019. In 2020, I reflected on what I wanted to do. Right now I am working as a paralegal on the side whilst doing this startup.

7 Days of Grateful is a platform where I want to use art, writing and music to reframe thoughts and to build a community of support so that people dealing with stress can have joy in living out their purpose.

I also have the ig: @7daysofgrateful

I like painting, playing the piano and writing. The most amazing gift I have received is the support of God, family and friends throughout my journey of life.

Let me know if you are interested for a chat! I am open to new connections on LinkedIn.
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