Dean Tavener

Working to #PreventPeriodPanic
Co-founder of Pixii, a social enterprise delivering Australia's most eco friendly period products to where they ought to be - in every school and office bathroom, freely available to staff and students.

2 Roles seeking applicants: Office Manager & Growth/Sales

Hi, a friend who runs a ESG/ UN SDG focused co-working space is seeking two new employees to help with their growth. They currently have one site, in inner Sydney, but are looking to open two more locations shortly.

They're after an Office Manager 5 days a week, but doesn't necessarily have to be full days. And also a Growth Manager to help with sales.

If interested please let me know and I'll put you in touch.
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Social Enterprise Network

Hello everyone - are there any other social enterprises in this network? Would love to chat about the specifics of certiciation, constitutions, and sales angles utilising that enterprise identity. 

There are plenty of startup networks/groups, like this one! But does anyone know of a network specific to social enterprise business owners?
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WGAC Funded $41.5m

 For any other social enterprises in this network, you've probably already seen this news but in case not: the poster child for garage-startup Australian social enterprises, Who Gives A Crap, has just completed their first ever funding round raising $41.5m.

The media is generally taking a "this proves social enterprise is viable" approach to the story, so it's probably a great thing for the whole social ecosystem!
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Vote for Pixii - a Finalist in Xero Business Awards

Pixii is a finalist in the "Emerging Small Business of the Year" category in the Xero Business Awards, yay!

Bonus - there's a People's Choice Award.

We'd love your help with a vote for Pixii if you can spare the 90 seconds to do it. (Warning: steps 5-8 in the voting process might increase total time taken to vote, but they are entirely optional.)

  1. Go to
  2. Register an account to vote
  3. Find Pixii (black background, white and pink logo) in the list
  4. Click the vote button
  5. Tell a friend
  6. Tell your Mum
  7. Pause for a juice or coffee
  8. Tell your coworkers, Auntie and siblings.

Thanks for your support!
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Photo from within Victorian Public High School

Hi everyone. We've got a competitor that's been dormant for a while and is finally starting to go after our market more actively. We can't see their competing design/product, though. We'd love to get a picture of it, or a review from a user.

So - has anyone ever seen Libra's Period Product dispenser in the wild? We know it's in Victorian public schools, but are not sure where else you might find it.

It looks something like this, but we'd love a real-world version in better resolution!

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Margins for reseller (high volume low value physical consumable)

Hello 👋 we have our first inbound enquiry from a reseller. I need to come up with wholesale pricing for them. Any tips on rough margin a reseller of a physical consumer product might be expecting? Googling leads me to believe anywhere from 10-25% but some real experience would be better than a google result.

Note: it’s a reseller arrangement not a distributor. They won’t be handling any warehousing or fulfilment, only sales.
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Introductions: Adelaide, Universities and Syd private schools

Hey 👋 we’re growing! Yay. We’re trying to channel the growth to our easiest-to-serve areas and align customer groups.
Can you help? I hope so!
You can if:
• you know anyone in HR or diversity/inclusion teams at ANY organisation based in *Adelaide*
• you know any staff member, student union leader or similar at *ANY university*, anywhere in Australia (excluding USYD and QUT)
• you know any staff at a non-Catholic private/independent school in *Sydney*.

Hit me up in a message here if you can tick any one of those three, or at

We’re leading the charge to get period products freely available in schools, universities and business around the country. They should be everywhere toilet paper is provided. We do it eco-friendly (we’re carbon positive) and with impact (we donate 60%).
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Live Chat Tools

Most of our best inbound leads come through livechat. Currently using about 4 variations of HubSpot’s free chat tool, tailored to the page the visitor is on. But the free version is limited in question logic and routing rules. 

Anyone know a better free livechat tool that can:
  • initiate the conversation with web visitors via triggers?
  • collect some details upfront before routing to a human?
  • follow some logic based on visitor input/answers?
  • doesn’t impact page speed too much? looks ok, but I’m wondering why so many sites seem to use Intercom despite the massive price tag. Anyone got any experiences worth sharing with these or other tools?
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Access to fancy office bathroom for product photoshoot

Does anyone have access to a really nice, fancy office bathroom? We need some product shots of our period products dispensers in a swanky office cubicle sort of environment. We’d need access for an hour or two to put up dispensers, take photos, remove the dispensers (no damage to walls, promise) and clean up. Happy to pay. Bonus points for white tile somewhere on the walls. Something like this:

Please reach out if we can use your bathroom 👍