Karen Parker

Digital transformation rockstar
Hi there! I am a female founder of a construction tech platform that is trying to make ERP SaaS fun again! I love camping, reading thrillers & quoting 80's movies to my kids.

Hey! have you heard....

Hi All,

I hope you don't think it too cheeky, but I have 2 asks that I hope this awesome community can help with....

  1.  I am looking to connect with any accounting professionals (or networks) who are interested in discovering new opportunities through the QicWorks partnership program.
  2. Shout out to all founders: I would also love to what #marketinghacks you use that require little to no budget.  What has worked? What do methods did you regret wasting your time on?
Looking forward to chatting further.
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Lets make ERP sexy again!

Hi I'm Karen (no - I'm not from Brighton, VIC, but I do love Bunnings,) and I am the female founder of the construction software platform QicWorks.

My team and I are passionate about transforming businesses through digitisation. (But don't take my word for it - check out our awards.)

QicWorks has been built with industry knowledge (yes - my favourite outfit is hi-vis orange - sexy right?! 😅) so that more meaningful data is collected within the field. We have successfully removed the need for multiple applications and spreadsheets to report job profitability, safety and resource compliance.

I am super excited to join this community and look forward to hearing every ones 'secrets' to success. 😉

My favourite childhood memory is running home, dumping my school bag on a hot day, heading the to river at the end of the street and then spending time with the local crew, swinging off the Tarzan rope. (Always mindful to be home by the time the street lights turn on.) #childhoodfreedom
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