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Tech advisory @diapason.consulting (healthtech mostly)
I develop med tech. I can help others do it too. Open, Transparency, AI, Ethics motivate me. Also musician/producer.

Building up a NFP without burning out


Early pandemic - I jumped onboard Helpfulengineering.org - spending hours every night hoping to save the world. Fastforward to late 2020 - burned out and disillusioned I stepped down from my "head of regulatory and quality" "role" there.Β 
The values that drove me to volunteer with Helpful were still in me so I kept working on the idea of #Openinnovation and #Opensource for improving access to healthcare technology more independently (but not solo).Β  The link above is the results of my ongoing efforts with that.Β 
For our latest call in July 2021 we were 25 active participants, including at least 7 countries on 3 continents, and a mix of professional humanitarians, volunteers/opensource makers, doctors, academics, entrepreneurs and consultants.Β 

I need for this project to be clearly separated from my consulting practice. Β 
For this reason, and for obvious time reasons, I need to build up the NFP so it can exist independently from me. (Even if I remain at the wheel for the next x months - I want it based on a status that makes it ready to run without me).
I already have a few ideas of who else within the group could drive it with me - but I'd definitively love some advice from someone who has experienceΒ  setting-up and running a NFP.Β 

THX lots
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Health Tech Regulations and AI

Hey there.Β 
I am super thrilled to be speaking Wednesday at the Melbourne meetup "Health and AI".


I'll talk aboutΒ 
"AI and innovation, healthcare and wellness; How do regulations apply to uncharted territories ?"

The potential impact of AI and other advanced technologies on healthcare is immense. The beneficial promises are mind blowing, but the challenges, risks and dangers are also significant (bias, opacity and lack of accountability, and other ethical considerations).
Traditionally, the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of healthcare technology falls under the responsibility of a complex "regulatory ecosystem". This presentation will show how the pace and scope of recent technological evolution are challenging this ecosystem, and offer some directions of progress inspired by humanitarian engineering, open source development, evolution and even music."
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Hey there, I'm Pierre, founder at Diapason Consulting and ATHT.org

I like to help early founders navigate in the med tech sector.
I advocate for a better regulatory ecosystem in health tech.
Best gift - given or received - is a (vinyl) record with a story behind it.
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