Project Hatch
Hello! I'm a social worker who fell into an entrepreneurial opportunity that could not be missed. My project aims to provide a life changing opportunity to a person/people who have been part of the foster care system.

Marcie from Hatch Project

I'm currently working on a social impact project, with a mandate to provide people with lived care experience (those that have been in the OOHC/foster care system) an opportunity to assist them to break out of cycles of disadvantage. 

Hatch Project is still embryonic when it comes to product design, however, we have a clear vision of what we want to do, as well as some resources at our disposal to get there. We are currently exploring how we can assist care leavers with sustainable employment opportunities, possibly with the inclusion of microfinance options. 

I love a confrontational encounter... perhaps I'm only assuming that others would be annoyed by this? I was probably born for politics because having difficult conversations is my thing!   
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