Lucy Bastick

Founder ~ Binder Books
Hey GoE Community, I’m Lucy. I love to celebrate diversity and inclusion and am building a B Corp circular economy. I enjoy making people laugh, exercise & doing random acts of kindness.

Who knows an Ops star passionate about diversity and inclusion?

Hey GoE legends

Anyone know anyone that fits the bill and keen to co-found a future B Corp? Looking for someone awesome to help build Binder BooksΒ 

Lessons from Israel - start up scene

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Looking for Guys to Team Up with To Show Unity on Backing Women

Hey guys of the guildΒ 

Is anyone interested in chatting to me about how they support women they love to make money in business or to succeed more generally? I’m building a community and looking for men to help me spread messages of unity and support. If women are happy and making money in business it helps everyone and the economy too. I’m really passionate about this issue and would be really grateful if any guys can spare a bit of time to chat with me. Thanks, Lucy

Ps: Stat from Business Chicks. 2/3 of businesses in last 10 years were started by women yet 90% make less than $100K pa. Let’s get those stats up! LucyΒ 
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B Corp - any founders here?

Hi lovely people, has anyone founded a B Corp and/or can put me in touch with a B Corp Founder? I’m building a circular economy and want to make sure I’m hitting the right milestones before I go live. Thanks in advance, Lucy
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