Nick Esse

Co-founder - Ballot Box App
Passionate about start ups, tech and politics. Looking to build new ways to engage people in democratic life.

Nick Esse & Ballot Box

Hey guys

1. My name is Nick Esse and I am a Co-founder of Ballot Box. I have been working on the business for a couple of years and I am very keen to join in the guild.

2. Ballot Box is a smartphone app that allows Australians to have their say. We host opinion polls on issues and curate opinions from across the political spectrum. We also offer a private engagement tool for organisations to better understand their members , customers or staff. The business is pre-revenue and we are looking ways to grow our user base and obtain our first organisation as a customer. We were recently successful in our application to the NSW MVP grant and will be kicking off further development soon. 

You can check out our website - or even better download the app:

Would love to hear any feedback ✌️
If you have experience is growing consumer apps or kicking off social media campaigns I would also keen to chat. 

3.  The best gift I ever received was a Nintendo 64 on my 10th birthday My mum was adamant I was not allowed one and when I opened the box it was a huge moment. Under promise over deliver. 
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