Elizabeth van Rooyen

Founder of Diligr
South African-born Canadian living in Sydney and trying to make founders lives easier by improving the capital raising experience through data and more connected relationship building.

Do you regularly engage with prospective investors? I'd love to get your thoughts!

Hello fellow Guild members!

I am conducting a brief survey on communicating with prospective investors for our roadmap building purposes, and if you regularly send updates or comms to keep your prospective investors engaged (or don't!), I'd love to get your thoughts in this super quick survey 🙏

Thanks in advance! 
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Casey's Guide to Finding Product Market Fit

Hey guys 👋

Here is a really good guide for understanding p/m fit by product legend Casey Winters:

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Hey everyone 👋 I'm Elizabeth. I founded a company called Diligr during Covid, and we are on a mission to make capital raising easier for founders by streamlining the pitching process and providing warm introductions to relevant VC investors.

We are currently in private beta mode but would love to invite Entrepreneur Guild members to join if you are, or are thinking about, raising capital. You can sign up here and also get a fundraising strategy session with me if you would like to sense check your funding plans 🙂 
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