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Bootstrapping Advice - paying yourself personally or from the business?

Have recently received competing advice from accountants on whether to pay myself from my savings or whether to put those savings into the business and pay myself from that. Have recently been paying myself nominally from the business however wondering if I should continue with this?

Understand this really does depend on what outcome you are after eg about to raise, tax purposes, claiming govt benefits etc. Wondering if anyone has some advice or can offer their experiences as a guide.Β 
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Help NSW businesses under $75k get covid support

Hi Everyone! If you could please sign this petition it would be of great help! Currently businesses who have been affected by covid this last year and pushed under the $75k gst threshold now miss out on claiming the nsw support grant as a result of covid and are affected the most. Hopefully this petition will help amend thisΒ
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Do you know someone who needs help growing their LinkedIn strategy & impact?

Hi All,

Over the last couple of months, in partnership with the Guild, I have been trialling a growth group focused on tactics to build your LinkedIn organic reach and impact. The results have been incredibly successful for all participants and as such we are expanding the group to a course, starting 5 July.

Some of my own results from implementing what is in the course is attached. A post before got 9 likes, 2 comments, 372 views. A similar post after got 36 likes, 17 comments, 13,703 views.

If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from an uplift in exposure, engagement, leads, page followers from LinkedIn please share this linkΒ so we can help as many founders and startups nail their LinkedIn growth as possible.

Thanks so much,
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Workflow diagram software

Currently using Lucidchart to map workflows - is there anything else out there that you use and would recommend?

Thanks so much!
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Great template for Investor & Advisor Update Emails

Came across this from James Alexander and thought it was such a great template! Sharing in case you haven't seen...
ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
Also, as a side note I am finding lots of the Galileo Ventures content on LinkedIn really useful and transparent of the raising process, if you haven't checked it out yet
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Explainer Videos

Hi There!

Looking for recommendations for cost effective explainer videos freelancers or organisations: animation, real life video footage and a mix of both

Thanks very much in advance!

SEO Tool - Answer the Public

Probably late to the party here but came across this tool today "Answer the Public". You can type in 1 search term a day on the free plan and basically get a mindmap of the type of questions searched to help you writing content etc. Here is one I did for B Corp today. The only annoying thing is it doesn't indicate the search volume in any way to help you prioritise how to frame it.Β 

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McKinsey acquires Vivid Economics and Planetrics to help clients navigate climate change

Very interesting! πŸ™‚
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SAAS User Agreement - Best Practice Examples / Template

Hi Everyone

I am the Founder of Relievables (

I am currently transitioning from trial customers to paid customers and I am looking for some best practice user agreements for a SAAS platform. If anyone has one of these they might be willing to share or they know of that would be much appreciated. The customers will be joining the platform, paying monthly or annually within the platform. Any additional services would generate an additional purchase to their base subscription.Β