ProximalSpace Landed In The Circle :-)

Hello Circle Community, after seeing few intro posts lately, realised I haven’t done one myself. So here we go 😊

I am Samuel from Melbourne and founder of ProximalSpace, a tech startup redefining remote working to make it sustainable and building local communities at the same time.

Have you heard about 15 minutes neighbourhoods?

ProximalSpace is an effort to bring workspaces (co-working, business hub, office spaces) operating in the suburbs available for remote working workforce and employers, 15 mins away from ours home no matter where we live.

Yes, marketplace + facilities management tools for employers.

The aim is to keep the benefits of remote working and work in a space designed for work, not in isolation but with people. Increased community interaction, more local jobs, Less traffic, reduction in mental health issues caused by isolation, more time for life.

Check out the MVP here:

At the moment trialing in City of Wyndham, Victoria for market validation before rolling out to other council areas in Victoria and interstate.

Social media handles:

Good to be in your company. Feedback welcome πŸ€—
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