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Want to fight global warming but don't look into your finances?

Manyana is an Australian financial institution, with a planet-over-profit ethos, offering a best-in-class "banking" experience. It's basically an app that let people pay, save and invest their money in a sustainable way. People can do the usual banking things –but better and greener.
Manyana's job is to help people get set for their future AND the future of the world.
We're like the green child of Barefoot investor, Revolut and Raiz.

Why Manyana?
The banking and finance industry has a major role in the current global warming crisis through investments in the fossil fuels industry and non-sustainable businesses. In Australia, the big 4 banks invest $16M/day in fossil fuel companies.

People are getting aware of this. Yet there are no solutions for a modern app to manage their spending, saving and investments in a sustainable way.

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Want to feedback on the idea and participate in a 15min user testing? book a time here:
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Defining a founder's agreement

I'm the founder of an app to spend, save and invest sustainably.Β 

I created Manyana 6months ago and consist of a website and mobile app prototypes for now. We have not started the MVP yet.Β 

I'm onboarding a CTO as co-founder and struggling to find the right template for the founder's agreement. Yes, there are plenty on the internetΒ 
but I would like to double-check that with AU-relevant ones from a startup community like Blackbird – seems like the right place to start.
Also, I've got heaps of questions and seriously looking for guidance on equity, dilution etc. Where to start?

Can anyone introduce me to people with experience (bad and good) on this?

Thanks heaps
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