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Marketing Strategy

Hi everyone! I need help with developing an effective marketing strategy organic first, then paid later (potentially).

If you could intro me to someone who could help with this or provide some suggestions it would be great!

The context is we have an amazing pre-accelerator program coming up with some incredible mentors developed. Especially geared for migrant first-time founders and creators.

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Uncommon Collective Pre-Accelerator

Are you sitting on a business idea you think could make the world a better place?

Then attend our 5-week pre-accelerator BootCamp in October. To discover how you can turn your startup idea into reality and have confidence it will fly.

We only have 40 places. Apply by the 3rd of October to be considered (deadline extended). International and first-generation migrants and refugees are encouraged to apply.

If you are a member of The Guild of Entrepreneurs and are not able to afford the refundable deposit. Email contact@uncommoncollectiveau.com and we will consider your case.

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How to grow your bootstrapped business in 2021 | 30 October

Whether you have dabbled in a side hustle, currently building a bootstrapped startup or have no experience. We share real, relevant and culturally relatable advice to help emerging migrant founders and creators build businesses that matter.

Our event series on how to build your hustle continues. In this event, we will deep dive into how you can start to grow your business bootstrapped or with no external funding at the beginning. We will specifically cover topics and questions around:

💸 How do I start a business from 0 dollars?

⌛ How can I manage my time better between my hustle and work?

🤷🏾‍♂️ How do I decide what type of business to start?

💪🏾 How do I use my cultural heritage as a strength?

There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the event. Please register and submit your questions for our event here:

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Creating and Using NFTs

Hi All, 

I know how to mint an NFT but I have some specific questions about how to use created NFTs to provide access to specific services rather than products.  

Do you know anyone I could speak to about this?
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How to start a business, even as an overseas student

Hi everyone!  I know Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions might be a disappointment, but your Thursday night doesn't have to be! 

If anyone is exploring an idea or currently building a side hustle/business this event might be worthwhile:

In this event, you will hear from our outstanding panellists who will share their stories about how they went from a student to a startup founder, in a fireside chat format. We will also have a discussion time with Q & A at the end. This event is interactive and the topics discussed include:
💪 How to discover your cultural strengths
🤥 The biggest myths in culture and entrepreneurship
👢 What steps international students or emerging founders and creators can take to build something that has an impact
🤝 The power of mentorship/coaching (and how you can find one)

Introducing Benjemen Elengovan (one of our panellists)

As a trained engineer and experienced management consultant, Benjemen has worked with numerous organisations worldwide to build business management systems, improve business process efficiencies, and that keep people safe at the workplace. The below are just a few of his accomplishments:
🚀 Started MyGigsters (evaluated at $2Million), with Launch VIC as a partner
🥳 Built a software development company from 0 to $10,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue in less than 10 months
🏁 Two world record attempts
📚 Completed 2 Full-time Master degrees
🚀 Launched 4 startups while working full-time
🎙 Launched a podcast
✍️ Author of BeingBenji

Save the date, and invite at least two other people you think might find this event valuable.

Look forward to seeing you then!
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2-5 minutes to spare

Hi fellow entrepreneurs! Does anyone have 2-5 minutes to spare? If yes, and you are an immigrant founder/freelancer or someone who wants to help emerging migrant founders & creators builds things, in a culturally accessible way. I would love to hear from you.

I would be incredibly grateful to get your feedback on this questionnaire:
Or book a time on my calendar:
Connect me to any immigrant entrepreneurs who would potentially be open to sharing the story of their journey to building their business/startup. This would be during a free live event. The purpose of this event is to encourage & inspire emerging entrepreneurs to make their first steps.   
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An invite to All ESL/ABC

If you speak English as a second language (ESL) and or are an Australian Between Cultures (ABC - an immigrant or culturally accessible to immigrants). We want to invite you to this group, to help other ABC's learn and grow.

The purpose of the ABC group is to do the below in a culturally accessible way:

  • Help navigate the startup ecosystem 
  • Overcome cultural blockers
  • Build momentum 
  • Learn or network with a peer community, business leaders, and changemakers

You can sign up for
this is a forever free ABC group here or comment below and ill add you. Feel free to invite anyone else you think might benefit from the group who is happy to help other ABC's. 

Also if you have 15-30 minutes and fall into any of the below: 

  • Speak English as a second language (ESL)
  • Are an ABC
  • You have some expertise in running a business and want to help ABC's in a culturally accessible way (your cultural background doesn't matter) 

Please book a time in my calendar - would love to speak with you!
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Anyone with 10 minutes to chat, to help other immigrants/refugees build things?

Are you a 1st gen immigrant/refugee, human creating something to serve others or someone that would like to help immigrants/refugee build things?

Then I would love to speak with you. Please let me know by commenting below or messaging me that you have booked a time on my calendar?

If you don't have time to speak (completely understand), please pm me and let me know someone who might want might be worthwhile speaking to serve this community?

Im am Eli, the founder of Uncommon Collective. An authentic purpose-driven community of immigrant/refugee founders, humans who create things and those that enable them to flourish. We propel and amplify Australians between cultures (ABC's) through making radical access to a community with mentorship, accountability, and a network of business leaders and changemakers common.

Thanks for reading.
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Uncommon Collective

Hi everyone! I'm Eli, Founder of Uncommon collective.

Uncommon Collective is an authentic purpose-driven community of founders and those that help them flourish holistically. Our community is a catalyst that makes access to a like-minded collective with radical mentorship, events and a redemptive network of faith-driven business leaders and changemakers who understand the Asian & startup context common.  

The website is in the pipeline - not too far away! 

When I was a kid, I enjoyed - and still do enjoy football (soccer) both playing and watching, social deduction games board games (too many to list), and of course Fifa!