Leigh Sherry

Founder of em-U health
Hi there! I believe in people! My objective is to improve the health status of employees, mitigating risk for business while providing empowering behaviour/ culture change tools, to drive a shift to a more positive landscape in the corporate sector
Hi! My name is Leigh Sherry and I am the Founder of DeskCoach and SmartLife Health. 

We are passionate about improving the health status of people in a positive and tangible way. We work with teams from big Corporates, to those in retirement living facilities, to kids, and those with special needs. 

DeskCoach is one of our products we are hoping to scale in a way that has a large impact on the culture and health of Corporates. 

Unsurprisingly and often annoyingly, I love exercise/ sport and health... Loved it as a kid and now I love it more for the benefits it can yield for people! 
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