Shriya Gupta


Hey there, I am Shriya- the founder of Slurrp

Hi everyone! I am the Founder and Chief Everything Officer of Slurrp ( MVP is almost ready so we will launch in the next 4 weeks. 

I am super passionate about multi-cultural communities and food so Slurrp is my brainchild as it combines both. I am currently working in Vic Gov in the strategy space and have dabbled a couple of roles during digital transformation.

You can reach out to me here or connect on LinkedIn:

What is Slurrp?
Slurrp is a marketplace that helps people discover authentic dishes from across the globe right here in Australia without travelling (not that we can travel right now duh!) As cliche, it may sound but think of this as Airbnb of homemade food. All home cooks have necessary certifications and council approvals so you can be assured that food is hygienic, meets all safety standards but above all is 100% authentic and bloody tasty! 

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