Justin Wastnage

Founder, Vloggi
CEO and founder of Vloggi collaborative video production platform. Also tourism, travel and aviation policy specialist.

I need help with our pricing strategy

Okay, so on Monday we're launching on App sumo in the US. A big deal. Should provide lots of traffic and revenue.

....however, at present our pricing is this:

3 tiers, freemium B2B2C SAAS

But actually behind the scenes it's this

 four tiers

We go around and around.

looking for an expert in pricing strategy to advice on on pricing psychology and more


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Great startup media list

Here is a good spreadsheet for tech reporters and startup reports in the US and more widely. Good to get backlinks for new products, but use sparingly. 
216 KB

It comes courtesy of one International Trade Council, who also have an accelerator that is open to Australians wanting to launch in the US. https://tradecouncil.org/business-incubation/
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I need help getting the benefits of crowdsourcing out to the media

Hi all

We do quite a bit of PR around product launches and capital raise. But we actually need to get more exposure about the general concept of crowdsourcing video and how it benefits marketing departments. One of the problems we face as a brand new concept is that we need a lot of education.

Anyone with links to marketing press, the national TV networks (think segment on Today on how small businesses can reduce their marketing costs by using their own customers' footage etc) .

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I need help finding an intern

So we need a marketing intern. I'm looking mainly at you,  Alex Carpenter  . But how do I go about finding one through Genesis?

Here's a job description

Marketing Intern

Position title:
Marketing Intern
Application close:
May 7 2021
Contract Type
Contract Hours
Full Time
Remuneration/ Pay rate:
Vloggi is an exciting video platform startup that is disrupting the industry. We are looking for a motivated marketing intern that will join us at Fishburners Startup Hub. We are a fast-paced startup that is scaling quickly. Great opportunity to enter the Startup world.

Learn more about Vloggi here:

or our most recent newsarticle:


1-3 months


Perform market analysis and research on the competition
Support the team in daily administrative tasks
Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media and email)
Manage social media accounts
Create content (mainly written)
Customer outreach at times
Help organize marketing activities and campaigns

Ideally, we would like someone who has-

Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
Solid understanding of different marketing techniques. In particular, digital marketing strategies and knowledge
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong skills across all social media platforms
Passion for the start-up and marketing industry
Positive attitude
Willingness to learn
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Need seed round advice

Hi fellow entrepreneurs

Quick picking of brains. We are a user-generated video content management platform called Vloggi. After many pivots and changes, we have found product-market fit in targeting marketing teams seeking authentic customer engagement. 

We have thousands of dollars of revenue and some big name customers like JAX Tyres. 

However, we are still technically in the pre-seed round that was stalled during COVID. But now our valuation has raised significantly as we have traction. But we still need to finish a few things off on the due diligence side (like patents, valuation etc). So we still need the remaining $150k of our pre-seed round before we launch our $2.5m seed round. 

So should we 
a) just target institutional investors for the seed round; or
b) keep targeting angels to complete the pre-seed in order to extend the runway and do the seed round properly?

Happy to share more details directly with people who have advice on how to proceed.