Emily Bobis

Co-founder at Compass IOT
Co-founder @ Compass IOT - a digital transport management platform that aims to improve city planning through better traffic data. Chat to me about UI/UX, branding, design, marketing!

Full-stack Dev

Hey guys, Compass IoT (www.compassiot.com.au) is hiring a fullstack developer. Paid position.

Who is Compass:
We're a tech startup that uses connected vehicle data to improve transport, city planning, and road safety. Our offices are at UTS Startups on Harris Street, Ultimo.

UPDATED: What are we looking for:

Compass is looking for 3 New developers 
1. Front end and app shell developer (entry/junior)
2. Senior backend/infrastructure engineer (senior)
3. Full stack engineer (mid level)

Quick low down on what we are looking for we're looking for someone who is willing to learn, teach as well as passionate about data. We are one of Australia's leading transport data companies. 
Our stack includes 
 -Ruby on Rails 
- Sql
- Golang
- React / Typescript
- Docker
- Terraform
Our core infrastructure is bigquery/GCP. 

Experience in at least two of these technologies is key, with the senior roles needing familiarity with 3 or more. 

If you or one of your friends is keen hit me up at angus@compassiot.com.au
(all positions are well paid above award)
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Experience with no-code website hosting platforms?

Company Name: Compass IoT

Context: Digital platform that provides traffic data for any road, any time, instantly. Also working on Safety Mapping platform that uses braking data to identify near-misses. Enables councils to proactively and more easily secure blackspot funding for potentially unsafe intersections without death or injury needing to occur first.

Hi everyone, we are revamping our website! Our CTO suggested using a non/minimal coding platform to replace the current that is locally built so that marketing team can make changes as they please without having to wait for software team.
I've got basically no coding experience (unless you count 2008 where I used HTML to personalise my MySpace page). Wix is too simplistic, and we've tried Webflow before but found it still requires a bit of coding knowledge to get right. Any other ideas? 
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We're hiring a Customer Support Officer :)

Company: Compass IOT - transport management system that provides traffic data for any section of road, any time period, instantly.

Hi everyone! We’re looking for a Customer Support Officer who is enthusiastic about building relationships with a range of government bodies, city planners, and transport consultants. Role would be 3-5 days a week, compensation is $60,000 pro-rata. Includes paid compassionate leave and flexible working conditions. Our Head of Support is Ex-NSW Government with a load of experience in councils, traffic, and civil engineering so it would be really great experience for a student or grad in that area of study/interest.

* Meeting with customers (including virtually) to discuss their needs and actioning their requests
* Working with strategically important customers for tight turnarounds
* Being the go-to point for customer support
* Training and educating the user base
* Participating in company marketing initiatives


An understanding/experience of customer support; or
A civil or software engineering background; or
Excellent communication skills;
Familiarity with technical support ticketing systems (Jira/Zendesk) a plus. Please reach out with your CV and why you think you would work well in the team to directors@compassiot.com.au
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Marketing Strategy help (B2B)

Company Name: Compass IOT www.compassiot.com.au

Context: Hey everyone, Compass is a digital transport management platform that aggregates traffic data to help city planners understand mobility. We've had some success driven by a lot of cold-calling and some customer referrals, but we're trying to think of how else to open up the sales funnel and continue to build brand presence. Up until this point, marketing has been fairly ad hoc, but since we are growing, I would like to spend more time planning better. Two main marketing objectives are to: increase brand awareness with non-customers, and help generate inbound sales leads

  • I need some help figuring out how to create or compose a comprehensive marketing strategy including what metrics are most useful to track the value of what we implement (I guess how to best track and maximise value for time + money)
  • How to best organise and track above mentioned metrics/goals?
  • Does anyone have any templates, tips, or words-of-wisdom that they found particularly useful? or things you think are NOT useful but get thrown around a lot?

Emily from Compass IOT

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I'm a founder of Compass IOT; a digital transport management platform. We aggregate traffic speed and volume data from public and private sources into a single touch-point to make city planning less expensive, faster, and based on empirical evidence. Users can view traffic data for any road in Australia, for any time period, instantly.  www.compassiot.com.au

When I was a kid, I would steal my grandma's tea cosies and wear them as hats
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