Stacy Paoa

CEO and Founder @Vairea Skincare
Hello! I just started my sustainable, clean and scientifically backed skincare brand based upon Polynesian Botanicals. Coming to in early 2022.

Aloha Guild Entrepreneurs

🌺 We are a clean, sustainable, and vegan brand of natural Polynesian based botanicals backed by scientific research to provide our consumers with a luxurious daily skincare routine made to the highest industry standards. Our CEO, with 20 years of beauty industry experience, has partnered up with the distinguished Australian Scientist, Dr. Nial Wheate to create a B2C brand that is inclusive, transparent, and effective. 

🌊 Vairea is the name of our brand and it means sparkling/ joyful water in Tahitian 

πŸ‘± As a child, I was into botany and floral design. As strange as it sounds, I love to make floral arrangements and understand the benefits of plants in our diet and use for medicinal purposes. This is probably what led me to my passion for skincare based upon natural ingredients!
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