2024 Predictions

Mixing it up a bit; I thought I’d share some predictions for the year ahead. This is not financial advice nor are these statements representative of what I want to happen just what I think will happen.

  1. AI will advance in ways that will make everyone fall into one of three emotions and possibly all three at different times; shocked/uneasy, excited and scared.
  2. Bitcoin will be the best performing asset, reaching all time highs
  3. No wars will end and a few more will start but none will boil over into direct conflict between major powers
  4. China will continue to falter economically but not sharp or catastrophic
  5. The US will have a minor recession, interest rates will go down in Q1/2 then back up again in Q3/4
  6. Australia will have a minor recession but then keep driving forward because of the mining sector
  7. Europe will continue to suffer economically and have increased refugee migration
  8. Australian housing prices will continue to grow at single digital percentages

What are your predictions? What do you think of mine?

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These all seem pretty plausible!
No predictions on the US Election this year? :smirk: :melting_face:

The AI race will be interesting — there are already perspectives being floated that everything was overblown, and the rate of change has already peaked…which is WILD.

Who do you see making the most waves in AI?
I also find it insane that the OpenAI x Sam Altman issues seems like a small speedbump now…

I agree with Mark Sayers’ take on the Rebuilders podcast ‘The Six Megatrends that will shape 2024’ that we are generally moving from an age of anxiety to an age of anger.

I also hope your #3 is correct. The Houthi x US proxy conflicts are fairly alarming.

yeah… that one… I think Trump will win but I am so thankful I don’t have to vote in that contest!

I can assure everyone that is most certainly not true, much much more is coming. I personally wouldn’t mind if we had peaked it would certainly lessen the risks that way.

There will be big things coming from Inflection, Anthropic, OpenAI and Google, at least. Not to mention Apple, Meta and Mistral. Most waves is a very hard one to predict as there are so many waves :rofl:

This may have dropped out of the news cycle but the repercussions are still playing out behind very closed doors.

What do you think that will look like in 2024?

Agreed but I am pretty confident it won’t escalate because no major power wants to risk their high-end missile arsenals on this dispute, they’ll throw some old missiles at the problem but nothing further. If anyone does do this they are doomed because they won’t have the arsenal for defence. For example Russia is in the weakest defensive position but no one wants to rule Russia so they can be aggressive without worrying too much about defence. Iran is the opposite, lots of wolves are scrapping at their doors.

Greater displays of extremism in cultures, societies and people groups where that is typically uncommon.

Unfortunately I think this is right and my left field prediction is that the US will go into some sort of civil war at the end of the year :grimacing:

So keen to listen to that Mark Sayers episode!! on my list now.

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While I don’t have specific predictions, it’s interesting to read what you guys are thinking. So in summary: economy wise we’re all kinda going down, and then more fights will break, and bigger and faster changes. What a time to be alive!

This year is not one to be missed! It’ll be pretty amazing

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