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Not a bad representation, but not quite. Work that will survive AI and automation are those fall into one or more of three broad categories of human endeavour; creativity, relationships and meaning. They overlap a lot but one thing they have in common is the “human element” that (I think) is hard to replace.

Specifically (creativity) entrepreneurship for sure, but also the arts, design, entertainment etc. work that relies on imagination, human expression, problem solving etc (relationships) work that require “human skills” like social/emotional intelligence, empathy, such as counselling, aged and health care, education but also those relying on more direct personal relationships like sales, marketing, bulls*&ting, hairdressing, fitness training, many of which are at the moment considered “trades” but a very specific form of trade, those that cannot easily be automated by AI or robotics, not yet anyway, and (meaning) jobs that give or inspire purpose such as those you suggest, but also intellectual pursuits, the academe, research etc and more mundane ones like politics.

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