ADI (Apple Device Intelligence)

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…my thoughts on their device strategy…

In a nutshell, I like it.

Apple has made it clear that many of its advanced AI features will only be available on its latest devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro and Macs with Apple Silicon M chips or better. They needed a reason to dislodge existing owners nito an upgrade (I’m still on an XS and my partner an 8, hey they work!) to boost the bottom line after all. I’m interested… :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, it signals a push for faster device upgrade cycles and aligns with a broader industry trend, without much commercial success, yet, towards ‘Small AI’. Apple can change this I reckon. The promise local on-device processing, enhancing privacy and reducing latency by leveraging AI hardware like Neural Processing chips enables Apple to handle AI tasks locally whenever possible, ensuring deeper access to personal data but with high levels of privacy and power efficiency.

Of course, On-prem is the only truly secure and private option but Apple is promising this on your own device, so if you trust Apple (they are still proprietary and not open source :thinking:) your own Apple device (or a cluster of Apple devices) will become a lot more useful soon.

From the Apple eco-system PoV, their approach to balancing on-device models and cloud capabilities allows them to maintain user trust better than anyone else while delivering powerful AI features. This strategy allows Apple to claim an industry leading commitment to privacy and local processing, setting a new standard in the AI tech wave. I see Apple leading the way with this strategy, and as the market anticipates the accelerated device upgrade cycle, I can see Apple wrestling back its crown, recently usurped by that upstart, NVidia, for a while at least.


Great analysis and yes completely agree, AI and the AI-era are perfectly suited to Apple’s long term strategy of selling products, not their users and moving reasonable slow and trying not to break things, I suspect their customers (like me) will stay happier this way than the alternative.

I think this is a great analysis and really astute conclusions @bruce!