AI (Apple Intelligence)

A neat take from one of my favourite creators.

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buy a flip phone and switch to linux

:rofl: yeah I can see many doing this

More seriously though here’s my take on their strategy: as we digest their ‘Apple Intelligence’ meme, it becomes clear that Apple is treading a unique path in the AI landscape. Unlike the other giants investing heavily in large-scale language models and integrating them into cloud services, Apple has opted to focus on practical, incremental enhancements across its ecosystem.

This strategy is reminiscent of AOL’s early internet days and involves minimal integration with external AI systems and a robust (claimed) commitment to user privacy and security. By offloading AI tasks to third parties like OpenAI and focusing on developing its own private AI infrastructure, Apple aims to build trust and demonstrate the practical benefits of AI to its vast user base.

This bottom-up approach, heavily involving developers within the Apple ecosystem, is intended to slowly reveal the advantages of AI while maintaining a user-friendly and secure environment. Ultimately, Apple’s ‘Think Different’ strategy aims to make AI accessible and beneficial to mainstream users, leveraging its extensive ecosystem to achieve this goal.

Typical Apple really.

And it may work.

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A really good breakdown Bruce, I couldn’t have said it better.

I suspect it will work and it’ll be the best implementation of AI for those willing to wait 2 years for the fancy new thing other developers are doing. I also think their focus on ‘on-device’ AI will be a winning strategy because I can see a world where everything a typical user of an Apple device wants to do will be possible using smaller on-device AI and they will eventually not need other AI providers (though this is probably many years away).

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