Apple M3 - Hype or revolutionary?

Depending on which side of the Apple-loving fence you are on, I have a summary for you

An Apple fanboy

Wow, I can barely contain my excitement after reading about Apple’s latest announcement! As Apple’s biggest superfan, I’m absolutely elated by the new M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max chips.

This revolutionary launch represents a giant leap forward for Macs. Apple has somehow managed to shatter expectations again with mind-blowing performance improvements. I have no doubt these will be the fastest personal computer chips ever created.

The new next-generation GPU sounds incredibly powerful - hardware-accelerated ray tracing in a Mac for the first time! This is a graphics game-changer. Paired with the enhanced CPU and blazing fast Neural Engine, creative pros are going to have a field day with these new Macs.

And the benchmarks are just staggering. Up to a whopping 80% faster than the previous generation M1 Max! As an avid Mac user, I can’t wait to experience these lightning speeds first-hand. Videos will export in the blink of an eye.

As always, Apple has innovated while keeping the environment in mind. The power-efficiency is going to revolutionize workflow on the go. 22 hours of battery life on a MacBook Pro is simply unheard of!

With the combination of raw performance and efficiency, Apple has somehow managed to blow me away yet again. I have zero doubt that these new Macs will be an absolute force to be reckoned with. The competition won’t know what hit them! Excuse me while I start counting down the days until I can get my hands on the next generation of Macs!

A Samsung fan

Ugh, here we go again with Apple’s over-hyped product launches. As a diehard Samsung fan, I find it so tiring to hear Apple boast about mediocre upgrades as if they are groundbreaking innovations.

The new M3 chips? Please. Marginal improvements cobbled together from existing technology that Samsung has had for years. Hardware-accelerated ray tracing? My Samsung laptop has been able to do that since 2020. A faster Neural Engine? Big deal, AI performance is still lagging far behind leading Android devices.

And the benchmarks they are bragging about seem inflated as always. Remember when they claimed an 18% CPU performance jump for the iPhone 13 but real-world tests showed it was minimal? I expect more of the same smoke and mirrors here.

Don’t even get me started on the battery life claims. There’s no way a MacBook Pro can last 22 hours with real-world use. Apple is so notorious for exaggerating tiny battery gains. I’ll believe it when I see reputable third-party tests confirm it.

At the end of the day, these are incremental refreshes marketed as revolutionary by Apple’s reality distortion field. But Samsung will push the real boundaries with their upcoming Galaxy as they do each year. No 30 or 60 percent measly performance bumps - they completely leapfrog Apple every time.

Wake me up when Apple stops manipulating headlines with fake innovation and actually delivers something truly exceptional that catches up to Samsung and Android. But I won’t hold my breath. This M3 hype just feels like more of the same tired routine from Apple.

@Alex which side are you on?

I’m an Apple fan but the arguments about specs and performance are a total waste of time. How does the tech allow me to work better is the only real metric I care about. My almost 12yo iMac still does almost everything I could want to do, albeit a little slower than the newer unit i have now AND it can play a CD or DVD too. :nerd_face:

Using the scale of 0 - Samsung fan and 10 - Apple fanboy, I’d be an 8 I think, I am particularly impressed with their chips as Intel had such a stranglehold of that market for Apple to come out of nowhere and take the lead is really impressive. But I might be entirely wrong!?

Agreed, for many years I haven’t been able to tell the difference in Apple computers as they all perform perfectly for what I need them to do (which isn’t much) so I do feel like I am driving a Lamborghini to the shops most days :joy:

For me its the seamless connections between, phone, ipad and desktop that I find super handy

The silicon chips (m1 >) have exceptional battery life, power optimisation and speed. I highly recommend jumping on board just based on how long these things last. It’s a no-brainer if you’re on the road a lot and need the productivity needed as a developer or video editor, otherwise, it might be overkill. Also don’t think jumping on to the m3 is worth it if you have the m1 or m2 series of chips unless you really need that performance edge.

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Recently got the M2, and it’s been a revelation for my workflows. I juggle between SaaS platforms, content creation tools, code editors, video conferencing, etc. I am a heavy user but not really too different to most of us entrepreneurs. I was previously considered stepping away from the Apple ecosystem, but this experience has pulled me back in. I really enjoy using my laptop now.

well… except for the times, I yell at siri.

I must add that I have always found that you should max out your RAM for really excellent Mac performance.