Ask: Looking for Content Creator

Hiya, Compass is looking to hire a casual content creator!

It would probably suit a student the best. I’m not having much luck on other platforms (most people on Linkedin are doing the spray and pray…). Anyone know anyone?

I’m looking for someone with great written communication skills - it’s one thing to be able to design nice content, but another to distil complex topics into the key value points and tell a story. Knowing how to create visually interesting content is a plus

  • Sydney-based. We find a huge difference between the learning rate for those who come into the office and those who don’t when they first start. Hence, we’d like someone in Sydney.
  • 2 days a week with scope to increase. One of those has to be Fridays for all-hands
  • Paid $35/h
  • starting end of jan 2024
  • Canva and adobe skills are a plus
  • Linkedin and EDM experience is a plus

We’re pretty picky with our hiring, particularly around content and marketing. I feel a lot of people think content marketing is an ‘easy’ job because it can be more nebulous than software/sales roles.

What do we look for?
In order: Keenness to learn, cultural fit, and skillsets that cover gaps or weaknesses in our existing team.

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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A great opportunity, merely because Compass IoT is a great place to work, but the remote/sydney based is an interesting direction. Would a contractor external to the team by an option? Or are you wanting to grow the person into bigger things?

I don’t have anyone Sydney based but if you’re ever looking for remote hires, let me know! I might have some people to connect you with :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alex, @levinakdj - definitely looking for someone to come into the team so we can scale them. We find that remote hires really struggle the most to get up to speed and mesh with the team given we’re still moving very quickly, particularly during the probation period