AusMedTech Invest- 2024 Adelaide

Hi Everyone,

Long time stalker. First time poster!

Has anyone pitched at AusMedtech Invest before? Is it worth the money? I have just been accepted to pitch but very pricey. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks


Well hello there! Great to have you hear, @SimonBiggs might have? @Eric might know a thing or two as well :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t ever pitched there before. Who are some of the investors that will be in attendance?

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Australian Medical Angels, Archimed, Brandon Capital, Tenmile, One Ventures, Australian Securities Exchange.

The VC space has slowed down especially for red flags like myself female founded and boring med tech with no AI. I have spoken to a few others today and think I will give it a miss.

Thanks Simon and Alex xxx

Hi Lauren,

I’d expect it might be worth it if it would be helpful to meet other startup founders? I found some of the best benefits of those pitch events is actually networking with the other startup founders who are also pitching.

If you were happy to go, and effectively ignore the investors, but seriously network with the other startup founders that you are also pitching with, you might find that there are significant future benefits on that front for both you and them.

Cheers :),

Hi Lauren,

Might you want to come along to Guild Gather this afternoon?

It’s at 5 pm NSW time over at the following link:

A bunch of entrepreneurs chatting with each other and helping each other solve each other’s problems. :slight_smile: