Automating invoice reminders for internal team

I’m trying to figure out an automated system that reminds us (not our customers) when a contract renewal date is coming up. We use Xero, which has options to send customers reminders, but we want this functionality for our internal sales team instead (i.e., sends us an email to warn us about renewals)

So far I’ve set up a Zapier automation that automatically creates a cal invite on the renewal date + reminder 4 weeks prior to that date. It sorta solves the issue, but it’s not the best

Any other suggestions?

Would Zapier sending an email be better?

I can’t find an easy way to get it to send me reminders at the intervals I want. It’ll send me an email when any new invoice is created, but sales want reminders 3 months out from a renewal date. Hence, the calendar event with a reminder (but only has max 4 weeks out i think)

Right okay, so Zapier Delays works but it’s action window is the problem? (just making sure I understand)

It is a bit convoluted but you could string together sub-actions to get the length you want.

  1. Contract signed
  2. 31 days delay add a column to a spreadsheet (random meaningless sub-action)
  3. 31 days delay add a column to a spreadsheet

    send email to sales guy
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Oh interesting, I didn’t know Zapier had a Delay functionality hahah. Let me try that and see what happens. thanks!