Claude 3.5 (Sonnet)

Claude 3.5 (Sonnet) looks pretty good on raw benchmarks:

This comes merely months after Claude 3.0 so it’s clear Anthropic is committed to keeping pace with OpenAI and Google. Sonnet now supports enhanced text and image analysis, so it’s Anthropic’s top-performing model to date (makes sense) and seems to excel across reading, coding, math, and vision.

The new “Artifacts” UX/UI adds a collaborative workspace for users to edit and build on AI-generated content in real-time. Clearly aimed at enterprise, coding, legal drafting, business report writing etc, it’s something I for one will take a closer look at. Like everyone it seems, their strategic focus is on enterprise, bolstered by high-profile hires like Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger. They appear to be aiming to centralise corporate knowledge and documents, making it a formidable competitor to platforms like Notion and Slack.

The relentless upgrade cycle in AI sector, driven by competition from giants like OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta, suggests that we are witnessing an unprecedented era of AI advancements. And, as I say to anyone who will listen, not without risk.

However, as the market heads towards an estimated trillion-dollar revenue mark within a decade, Anthropic’s latest release will help it remain at the forefront. So for now, for both enterprise and consumers, the practical applications of AI are rapidly becoming a mainstream reality.

And other businesses that think they might etch out a new super-scaling venture in AI should now clearly understand, they will be trampled by one or another of these giants before they can reach escape velocity, unless they can find a niche that’s sufficiently unique, and big enough to raise, but not so big that ones of these Gorilla’s will notice before you’re ready to defend your turf.

We live in interesting times when it comes to “free market capitalism”.

Perhaps more like “techno feudalism”.