Data Privacy Officer Fractional

GradSift is AI-enabled SaaS that allows large employers of graduates to automate screening and shortlisting of thousands of applications. We’re coming up to our fifth year in business but we’re still a very small team.

We have an upcoming meeting with a top three global management consulting firm. We met them two years ago and went through a comprehensive audit of our information security, privacy policies and overall policies and procedures. Something like 120 audit items each requiring supporting evidence!

We got through everything except were knocked back because we didn’t have a separate data privacy officer. As CEO in a very small start-up that was part of my responsibilities.

We believe we already comply with local and international privacy requirements. (Other clients include government and corporates).

Going forward, an option is a fractional data privacy officer. I’m talking maybe one hour per month.

Any recommendations out there?

Peter Pychtin, Gradsift


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Perhaps @diapason might know someone?

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