Emily Bobis

Hi all! My name is Emily and I am a co-founder of Compass IoT - a Sydney-based SaaS startup that uses data from vehicles to help transport professionals build better, safer cities.

Keen to chat about all things data, B2B marketing that isn’t boring, and where to find good coffee


Hi Emily, welcome to the new guild forum, and your business looks very interesting to me! By way of background, I work in intertrustable machine to machine networks and edge compute. We should have a chat about it sometime. Late next week is looking promising for me.

Thanks @emily! Glad to have you cross the digital ditch!

And yes! If you haven’t already spoken to Bruce you two should totally talk! There could be some really great collaboration there!

Why hello @emily :wave:

hello Emily welcome :smiley:

Wooden Whisskkkkkk!

Hello Kinsen, Welcome.

tell me you live in crows nest without telling me you live in crows nest