Excited to be here!

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Zac and I am currently working on NextCase, a surgical scheduling platform to help optimise and improve gaps in the current process and help streamline communication between hospitals, surgeons, medical device companies and patients. I also help other founders/start-ups realise their dreams by building mobile apps for them (finance, travel, processes).

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in anything tech related, especially in the digital health space and people that could teach me about got to market strategies.

A little bit more about me, as a kid, I was really into planes! Admittedly, it’s not really a passion that has left me - I’m still a plane geek.

Something that annoys most people, but I really enjoy is getting bogged down in a problem which seems like there is no possible solution but finding one regardless.


Welcome Zac in Guild Community.

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That, right there, is your number one value proposition. The world needs more people with that attitude!

Welcome aboard!


Great to see you again Zac! Thanks for introducing yourself! Feel free to dive into any of the discussions you find interesting, but most importantly of all if you have any questions or face any challenges, we are here to listen and help wherever we can.

Welcome aboard, Zac!

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@sweens Since you mentioned an interest in ‘go-to-market strategies,’ have you found any particular approach especially effective or challenging? Looking forward to your contributions and learning together!

Welcome Zac! What you do reminds me of a SaaS called Patchwork based in the UK. Thought of sharing with you if you haven’t heard of it.


Thanks Bruce, appreciate it! Looking forward to being part of the community.

Thanks for sending Patchwork through - I hadn’t actually seen that one before (fell out of my filters as it’s broader staffing beyond surgeries but super super insightful and can definitely take some lessons from what they’re building at what it looks like). Appreciate it

@Alex So far (across a few different launch strategies/businesses - both B2B and B2C).

Effective Strategies:

  • Finding aligned partners (preferably with existing market knowledge or reach) to help refine and promote the product. I’ve found sometimes there can be resistance if you’re dependent on revenue for this stage, but opening up a ‘trial’ period turns it into a great win-win for both sides (increased exposure and product refinement from our perspective, and the partner gets access to the new technology over the time period as well). I think having this trial period has massive impact on building trust and reliability which in early stage sales is a big part of it (from my perspective at least).
  • Finding a really core group of engaged people who understand what your product is trying to solve and them seeing the benefit that it provides them. These people might fall under the early adopters in the ‘Crossing the Chasm’ concept but I also think they may also just be people who have a lot of touch-points with the problem you’re trying to solve. If the product isn’t delivering benefit for them then you’re probably going to struggle for people with less touch-points on the problem.


  • Trying to align or change your product to meet the desires of particular individuals or groups who aren’t your key audience. Sometimes you probably don’t realise this mis-alignment until you’re a bit further down the path but sometimes people who think are customers may not actually buy into what you’ve seen as the solution. Perhaps that means you need to go back to your problem-market fit, or look to refine it but also sometimes people just aren’t going to be your key audience.
  • Scatter-gun approach - bit of a cliche but just shooting around anywhere and at anyone for go to market really doesn’t deliver the results that you need.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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So good @sweens! I was actually just talking to @levinakdj about this and we were jamming around the same points.


100% Such an easy trap to fall in to as well!

Gold! @joshuabarreno!

Yep! But the thought that if only I spent $1,000,000 on marketing I’d be successful is pretty enticing nonetheless!

I think I’d just add patience to all of this, staying alive is half the battle won!

If you wanna talk more about Patchwork and their strategies behind their branding, let me know! I’ve studied their brand for a while and happy to share all the stuff I’ve uncovered.