Ezekiel Crawford - Young Person eager to Learn and Grow

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Zeek and I am currently yearning and eager to learn as much about the world of Business and Entrepreneurship as I can.

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in Nuclear Energy or other forms of Electricity that you believe would be better and people that could teach me about how to start a business and anything and everything relating to that. As I said earlier, I’m eager to learn about anything and everything to do with Business and Entrepreneurship.

A little bit more about me, as a kid (I still am technically a kid, but oh well🤣), I was really into figuring out how things worked, learning and exploring bush and creek systems

Something that I really enjoy is discussing all different topics with people, especially if they disagree with me, for then it gives me a great opportunity to improve my opinion, wether that means to change it; for they help me recognise a flaw in my thinking, or it causes me to strengthen my opinion. And everyone has something to teach, so I love learning by talking with people.


welcome to Guild Community Zeek. Let us learn together.

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Great hearing from you @Zeek - have you been working on anything specific recently?

exploring bush and creek systems

That’s one of life’s greatest joys. Not quite the same thing, but I just returned from a walk with Ruby :dog2: along our towns creekscape. :grin: It’s a lovely Saturday arvo.

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Welcome to the new platform, Zeek! Your passion for learning and willingness are an incredible example for us all so I am glad you made it across the digital ocean!

Given your love for open discussions, what’s a topic you find particularly challenging or controversial in the energy sector right now? We’re eager to hear your thoughts and learn together! :star2:

Just wanted to let you know that you’re one of a kind!! but maybe you already know.
:joy: I wish every young person I encounter would think and be curious like you. It’s a great example, Zeek. Looking forward for more discussions with you and the gang at Guild Gather!


@cngarrison I have not been working on anything recently, however I am eager to work on something as soon as I graduate from year 12 at the end of the year

Yes, that would have been very nice

A controversial topic in the energy sector is the importance of the renewable energies, namely solar and wind, and how I believe that they are currently not a viable option for taking over from the giant that is fossil-fuels and Nuclear-power is. However I am not by any means an expert, the information I am basing my opinions off is many hours of personal research, so I would love to discuss with someone that is a expert in the feild.

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We certainly need a larger amount of energy-tech people in the Guild and the world at large! Really great to see you interested in the space though as it is an increasingly important field that needs bright minds like yours in it!