Feedback wanted: Potential changes to the Guild

Context: Trying to figure out a way to make the Guild more alive and valuable, perhaps with content curation that helps us all?

Sign up to a bunch of newsletters around the topics of

  1. Entrepreneurship best practices (YC, Stanford e-corner, First Round Capital, HBR
  2. Scientific advancements (MIT Technology Review, Nature Briefing, Science Daily)
  3. Technology News (The Information, Ars Technica, IEEE Spectrum, TechCrunch)

Get AI to read all the articles and grade them each day to determine an answer to the question, “what is the most important thing from today for entrepreneurs” then write a summary and explain why it is important for entrepreneurs. Then create a post with the source link.

Kind of like this post I did last week


Questions I have for you

  1. Is this an idea that would be valuable for you?
  2. Is there something else you’d like to see here in the forum?
  3. If you like the idea, what sources of information should we include?

Other idea: as a potential refinement for the above instead of looking at general things, we could also specifically look at opportunities. As in what changes are going on, today that will disrupt incumbent businesses and create opportunities for new business. The post could then be focused on the opportunities that are open and we could discuss how to execute upon it or debate whether it is a worthwhile road to take.

What should we do with this forum to add value to the community?
  • ‘most important thing for entrepreneurs today’
  • ‘changes that open up opportunities today’
  • Neither of these would be helpful or interesting to me and I can’t think of something that would be
  • something else (leave a comment with your idea)
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I’d personally be interested if it pulled from these sources:

But the above sources are quite specific to my personal interests.


I want a source of inspiration/information that exists outside of social media’s cesspool


That we might be able to achieve!

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i like resources that are actionable and can deliver value/improve how I’m currently doing something (minimal viable changes that are relatively easy to implement but have noticeable impact I guess?)


High bar em! Gee, it is hard to improve the gold standard that you already are

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small tweaks are often the most valuable!

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I’d be keen to gain information about international trends (niche and high level) in all sectors - looking for links is always fun!


Love this, and yes I am also very interested in that. This is similar to what I envisage for the opportunity scanning idea.

Thankfully we have the AI Guild to track these kinds of topics :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the best landing page these days to send people to if they want to join the AI Guild?

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This is still the best place but it really needs a re-jig and we should really integrate it into the website. Many things to do! If anyone reading this wants to help with this let us know!