Google AI 'ADVANCED' 🤦

After sending too many examples of Google AI fails to @Alex, he recommended I share them on here. As a hardcore Google fan, these have been a surprisingly painful letdown and big time waster. I can also say that other models (often free versions) have NAILED the exact same prompts:

What’s going on?!

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Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We had Google come to our office to ‘showcase’ Gemini and the in-browser assistant. It was… bad.

We had similar experiences above asking it to reformat data or categorise and it refused to do it for any number of reasons (claiming bias, sensitive information that could be used to discriminate). The ‘sensitive information’ was just us trying to ask it tell us about transport expenditure in each state and order it based on $ spent…

Google also touted it being able to generate ppt slides in Google Slides, but once you generate a slide, it won’t let you edit it or reprompt. They alsomentioned the ability to upload brand guides as prompts, before admitting it can’t actually do that yet. Very half-baked. Its behind every other offering in the market by a very clear and wide margin

I’m intrigued how your Google reps handled that.

Super interesting. We’ve been playing with Google (it’s ok but not great), and OpenAI but you are all clearly well advanced of what we’re doing!! What AI models would you recommend?

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I use Claude, all day long, I find it way better than OpenAI and Gemini and I use it for writing, code and charts.

Claude is quite good. Not only will Claude carry out coding tasks for me, Claude will also ask me questions that help clarify my thinking so together we can create an even better product (or docs or whatever).

I tried 4o briefly when it was announced, and quickly ran back to Claude with an apology for ever having doubt.

ha ha, good to know. Im sure they were happy to have you back!!