(google i/o 2024 recap) (ai for every developer) (new models apis tools)


Google I/O 2024 focused on making AI accessible and helpful for every developer. Key announcements included new Gemini AI models with larger context windows, API enhancements like context caching, an expanded open source Gemma model family, tools for an open AI ecosystem, Google AI Edge for on-device ML, a Gemini API developer competition, Gemini integration in Android Studio, web APIs for seamless experiences, AI insights in Chrome DevTools, the Project IDX beta for full-stack development, improvements to Flutter and Dart, AI-powered features in Firebase, the Checks AI compliance platform, and new Google Developer Program benefits.


  1. (ai-powered apps) (gemini models apis) (mobile web) Entrepreneurs can leverage the new Gemini models and API enhancements to build cutting-edge AI-powered applications for mobile devices and the web. The larger context windows and features like context caching enable more advanced and efficient AI integrations.
  2. (gemini api competition) (innovative apps) (prizes exposure)
    The Gemini API developer competition provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative AI-powered applications. Winning apps will gain significant exposure and prizes.
  3. (google ai edge) (on-device ai) (privacy performance) With Google AI Edge, entrepreneurs can bring AI capabilities directly to edge devices. This enables new possibilities for apps that require low-latency, privacy-preserving on-device AI processing.
  4. (project idx) (full-stack development) (rapid prototyping) Project IDX’s open beta allows entrepreneurs to rapidly prototype and develop full-stack, multi-platform applications. This can greatly accelerate the process of bringing new app ideas to market.
  5. (firebase genkit) (easy ai integration) (pre-built features) Firebase Genkit makes it easy for entrepreneurs to integrate AI features into their applications. The pre-built, production-ready features work out-of-the-box with Gemini and Gemma models, reducing development time and complexity. (/opportunities)

To me, the thing worth paying attention to from yesterday and today is the lack of GPT5 or Gemini 1.5 Ultra.

Both OpenAI and Google are releasing all sorts of fun features but nothing is an underlying advancement in capability that we haven’t seen before. Some are speculating this is because we have reached a plateau in AI development, this view is very wrong and I won’t get into my rant here on why this is so wrong but it is. What is happening is all the pipes are being built for increased usability then the underlying models will be substituted out and UI’s we are used to will suddenly be far more capable.

The trend line is: the cost of intelligence going to $0, I’d suggest everyone think through there business model and how it might change if intelligence were free.

Thanks for summarising these events and news items @Alex and sharing your thoughts. The number of platforms and mediums pushing news can be overwhelming at times so this is really valuable.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m still trying to figure out what is worth covering and what isn’t so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

My comment re “opportunities”

applies here too.