Heya Peeps!

Hi all,

My name is Julie Busuttil (hey Simon :))

I wear many hats. I work part time in a government job, have my own business in creative development, I am an author, intuitive, medium and mum of 4.

Just want to make a big SHOUT OUT to Simon Bigss. Its been awhile, but he is an awesome human who invited me to this community.

Im based in Wagga Wagga.

Jules x


Hi Julie :slight_smile: :wave: welcome to the Guild of Entrepreneurs :slight_smile:

How’s the business going?

Welcome @Jul_Bus! Great to have you hear and yes I concur, Simon is amazing.

Hi @jul_bus,

Might you want to come along to Guild Gather this afternoon?

It’s at 5 pm NSW time over at the following link:

A bunch of entrepreneurs chatting with each other and helping each other solve each other’s problems. :slight_smile:

Hey Simon, its going. Its not going backwards at least.
Has picked up quite a bit in the last few months.
Finished my children’s book series as well!
Hows business your end?

Heya, Unfortunately im fully booked out today and evening otherwise would drop in and say Hi.

I hope it picks up

Roller coaster here. I ended up working at https://www.anthropic.com/. Now though they’re asking me to move to the UK / US … so … I am currently looking at options once more …