Hi! I'm Taryn Founder of Amplifii Experiences

Hi Everyone! Lovely to be part of this group.

I’m Taryn, Founder of Amplifii Experiences, a User Experience (UX) and Product Design design agency. We created Amplifii to amplify the voices and experiences of the people we design for. Our UX subscription plan offers flat-rate, on-demand UX insights and design, making it accessible for teams of all sizes and budgets.

I’m eager to connect with those passionate about creating impactful products and services, and to learn more about sales, marketing, and GTM strategies.

A bit about me: I loved sports and crafts as a kid and started my first business at 12, selling handmade hair accessories. The best gift I’ve given or received is a DNA kit, connecting me with long-lost family through science and technology.


So good to have you hear @Taryn! Are you already connected to @levinakdj? She runs our Creative Freelancers Guild which might have a bunch of high value conversation for you.

LOVE it! My first was similar, handmade (by me) pencil cases

@anferneec would be great if you had time to chat to @Taryn about your pivot to fractual CMO roles, plus you two might be able to figure out a mutually benefical situation