I found your missing confidence. Come pick it up.

PowerPlay™ is coming to Sydney.

Hi all - if you’re in business then you might be interested in this upcoming class for business peeps who want to win at work and in life - It uses improv philosophies to teach valuable life skills - It’s fun, but you DON’T have to be funny.

Full disclosure, PowerProv is my company, and I’ll be one of your teachers… If it looks cool but it’s too $$$ - DM me and I’ll hook you up.

Get more info :arrow_forward: powerprov.com.au/classes

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Improv and startup pitching have a great deal in common, as one of the Guild’s stewards Pete Lead, would attest to!

Thanks for coming across the digital ocean @eranthomson great to have you here!

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hey this is awesome @eranthomson .

One of my buddies is a seasoned improv performer who recently had a Fringe Sydney show. He’s also a project manager in the construction industry with a lot of commercial & business experience. I can see you’re looking for workshop facilitators? I’ve passed your website to him.