‘I’m DuncDad’ - like Batman but more dad jokes

Great to be with you all in the Guild! I’ve. Actually been around for a while but just,realised I never posted an intro.

My name is Duncan, a.k.a. @duncdad most places online. I’m 55 but feel about 37, and the concept of retirement is abhorrent to me.

I am currently seeking something to involve myself with. I have an abundance of experience, in many industries and endeavours. I hate working by myself so who’s up for a JV?

A little bit more about me, as a kid, I was really into being outside. But who says I have to stop being a kid.

Something I really enjoy is doing what most people won’t do. I have already lived the equivalent of about 3 lifetimes of experiences

The best gift I’ve ever received or given is a hot shower


Such a good re-intro @duncdad! Glad to have you back in the swing here.

Could you share a bit more about the industries you’ve worked in or the kind of projects you’re interested in? This might help fellow members connect with you on potential collaborations.

We should talk :grin: