Intro to Reframe Counselling

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Katrina and my story is a little different to everyone else, I founded a counselling practice a couple of years ago called Reframe Counselling I help migrant professionals unlock the emotional barriers that stop them from moving forward in their careers and lives.

So there’s no tech unicorn here :unicorn: :joy:

I’m here because I love to learn about all the incredible things you are coming up with, it’s super inspiring to me.

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in migration, how our brains work and people that could teach me about the things I know nothing about (tech of any kind, lol)

Happy Friday!


Welcome Katrina! So good to have you here! There are a lot of people here who aren’t tech unicorn founders, so certainly don’t worry about being the only one!

Great to hear what you are up to! Such an important thing! I wonder if you have met @Cindy? I suspect you’d find some mutual benefit in chatting if you don’t know each other yet.

welcome Katrina. Hope to hear your different story in the future for us to learn from you also.

Great concept.
With 18 years of living and working in NZ/AU/US, and recently visiting Europe for work - I can confirm these barriers exist! (although emotional barriers are not the only ones!)

Welcome Katrina! You are definitely not alone because I’m not a tech unicorn too :slight_smile: hope to hear more of your story and learn together!

welcome Katrina to our Guild community. hope to hear more from you for us to learn more about reframe counseling.