Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Jonathon and I am currently working on SafrSite.

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in EduTech or delivery of learning management, and people that could teach me about launching a product in this space.

I’m excited to be launching this product for testing with a select group. If you’d be keen to provide feedback on SafrSite, please reach out!

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Welcome Jonathon!

Welcome to the new Guild platform, Jonathon! Love to see you’re still in the space and leading innovation!

How long have you been working on SafrSite? I assume it has come out of your felt frustrations with the problem?

Who are your ideal customers for feedback?

HI Alex - great to be on the journey!

Yes - we found that safety training in schools had limited options for robust training. The frustrations for other schools was lack of simple login, ease of creating their own modules/courses, and better gamification. SafrSite put these as priorities - Google/Azure login, easy to create and share your own units and courses within and beyond your organisation, and gamification that gets to the heart of the reason students participate in training - timely and efficient feedback.

The platform is under rapid development, but it has taken 12 months to get it to where it is now. Build on Firebase and Angular, it’s scalable and responsive, (mostly - admin stuff is a bit of a pest) mobile ready and easy to navigate.

Lots to do, but we’re ready to deploy for free to Beta testers for the remainder of 2023! We would love teachers, facilitators and VET sector educators to be part of the trials. Deployment would be limited to 1 class and request feedback on issues, wins and ideas!

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Welcome Jonathon. We are happy to have you in Guild community. love to hear more from you and your life’s venture.

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Thanks @Joel

Nice work! I am thinking aged care could be another vertical to promote into as they need to do a lot of safety related training with their staff. Although admittedly gamification is less of a concern for that niche so maybe not?

Yes Aged Care might be a good pillar, too! I am hoping to start at the school level and scale across other industries.

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