Leigh Sherry

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Leigh, and I am a Co-Founder of two startups, desk.coach (SaaS digital health product) and SL-Reset (wellbeing platform). Both are designed to improve health literacy & access, and ideally give people tools they want to use, to empower their health journey.

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in social/ for purpose initiatives, NFP, health, fitness, disability, philosophy and people. I am also always keen to meet people who could teach me about whatever their thing is! I love being around smart people and learning from them!

A little bit more about me, as a kid, I was really into sport, movement, exercise… and ‘having chats’ with the principal at school :wink:

Something that annoys most people, but I really enjoy is ‘kids with spunk’ :slight_smile:

The best gift I’ve ever received is a note from my 5yo nephew apologising that he wouldn’t be in the state when i visited as he was on holidays, but that he loved me so much that he would be there next time!


:joy: love it!

‘learning to use my words’ and how not to ‘bully the bully’, was the focus of those 'chats :wink:

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