Meta’s smart glasses can take calls, play music, and livestream from your face

Oh my! $299 coming 17th October

Things are heating up!

@Eric, excited?

Great discovery. The capabilities of Meta’s new Ray-Ban smart glasses are impressive, it remains to be seen if consumers are truly interested in this type of wearable technology. Meta will need to convince users that the benefits outweigh privacy concerns over having a face camera at all times. They’ll also need to demonstrate concrete use cases that provide value in daily life, rather than just touting technological achievements. Technology should help improve people’s lives economically more than just for them to enjoy life’s luxury though the later is not condemn.

I’m more excited about the RayBan :rofl: I’ve always wanted to read Japanese characters with AR glasses :stuck_out_tongue: some companies are tackling translation for deaf people with glasses though, it’s coming from different angles

I might have to get a quest 3 just to try the zest, but otherwise the experiences seem similar, just better. It’s a good thing, it’s just not disruptive anymore :ghost:

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