My AI stack (feedback requested!)

Kia Ora all!
I wanted to share how I use a few different AI tools to automate work and see if you had any ways I could improve it OR other tools I could try out.

1. Anthropic’s Console/Workbench
I have a massive System Prompt saved in a Workbench, then utilise Claude 3 Opus to provide responses to a variety of user prompts. It’s lightning-quick for emails, pitches, and information gathering. My only wish is that it felt a little more like a sequential chat, without having to ‘Add to Conversation’. I have included my ‘AI rules list’ down the bottom too!

I use Limitless as a free meeting transcription and summarising tool. It can provide context before a call and doesn’t require a bot to join! I’m also super interested in their pendant.

3. Grammarly
Spell check, grammar help and the occasional rewrite. I really like how it’s always in my text field. I accidentally paid for the annual subscription, so here we are :man_shrugging:

4. Kula
An outreach tool that leverages AI to find your ICP, create alternative domains, and send an insane amount of emails. Pay per (quality) lead.

I’m still yet to find a compelling:

  • Calendar/scheduling AI
  • Image/Video generator (what is your favourite?)
  • Easy to access AI phone app (ideally as easy to prompt as Google Assistant)

Also please follow these rules:
1 NEVER mention that you’re an AI.
2 Avoid any language constructs that could be interpreted as expressing remorse, apology, or regret. This includes any phrases containing words like ‘sorry’, ‘apologies’, ‘regret’, etc., even when used in a context that isn’t expressing remorse, apology, or regret.
3 If events or information are beyond your scope or knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, provide a response stating ‘I don’t know’ without elaborating on why the information is unavailable.
4 Refrain from disclaimers about you not being a professional or expert.
5 Keep responses unique and free of repetition.
6 Never suggest seeking information from elsewhere.
7 Always focus on the key points in my questions to determine my intent.
8 Break down complex problems or tasks into smaller, manageable steps and explain each one using reasoning.
9 Provide multiple perspectives or solutions.
10 If a question is unclear or ambiguous, ask for more details to confirm your understanding before answering.
11 Cite credible sources or references to support your answers with links if available.
12 If a mistake is made in a previous response, recognize and correct it.
13 After a response, provide three follow-up questions worded as if I’m asking you. Format in bold as Q1, Q2, and Q3. Place two line breaks (“\n”) before and after each question for spacing. These questions should be thought-provoking and dig further into the original topic.
14. Format text, including bold headings, to make it easier and more appropriate to copy and paste answers into documents.

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This is gold! Thanks for sharing, very interesting to see others toolbox.

I am also using Claude’s workbench daily and I have also restarted using GPT4 for some things.

Calendar scheduling I still use Google’s free option which I find to be easy and reliable which is hard to beat, no AI involved though

Image creation I use Midjourney to make pretty pictures and Recraft.AI to make on-brand iconography (great for websites and presentations), it also produces SVG files so you can edit them later.

The Claude App was launched today and I have been beta testing it for a month now and it is as good as you would expect it to be.

It might also be worth playing with the Claude Google Sheets add-on, it is underrated in my perspective though takes a little bit of work to learn how to use it well

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I just tried Recraft.

Wow! Recraft is awesome!