PaySquad — Buy Now, Pay Together

Hi all!

Cam here, founder of the social fintech PaySquad.
Stoked to be on the new Guild platform!

A little more about PaySquad:

  • We help groups split the cost of their cart with less friction, right at the point of sale, in retail, ticketing and travel.
  • In doing so, we help merchants give more buying power to their customers, increasing cart sizes and enabling them to connect with multiple consumers in each transaction.
  • It’s a redemptive approach to buy now, pay later.
  • Right now, we are a fully bootstrapped team of 6. We’ve built a world-first MVP, have seven merchants ready to integrate, some nice buying signals from other merchants and marketplaces and a multinational integration partner to help reach merchants at scale.

Excited to connect with you all — tell me about your own ventures AND/OR your experiences with group payments!


Welcome Cam! Great to have you in here!

Bootstrapping is the best and it is also… well… everything.

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“How the mighty have fallen”! Timing is key :blush:

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