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By popular vote at Guild Gather, this was the most interesting piece of news this week! Discuss?

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The discovery is fascinating!!! It would surely revolutionize the relationship of humanity and technology. However, there are some things that we have to consider…
 Alterations ideally should not negatively impact the wild populations of a species or its ecosystem. Assessing and minimizing ecological risks is important.
 Modifications that advance knowledge and humanitarian aims (e.g. medical advancement) have more ethical standing than those done for novelty alone. But defining ‘benefit’ can be tricky.
 Small steps in genetic modification may lead down a path to more extreme transgenic creations.
Any thought about this interesting topic for this week?

Classic :squid: vs :hospital: debate.

:squid: every single time

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I feel like you need to give credit to @emily for this useful infographic.

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Curious about next week’s most voted topic :eyes: In Guild Gather I trust :palms_up_together:

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