(self-organizing file manager) (LlamaFS) (automated file organization) (content-based renaming) (privacy mode)

For those who would like to be more organised but aren’t

LlamaFS is a self-organizing file manager that uses the Llama3 model to automatically rename and organize files based on their contents and standard conventions. It works in two modes: batch mode for on-demand organization and watch mode for real-time file management. LlamaFS supports various file types, including images and audio, and offers an incognito mode for privacy. Built with a Python backend and Electron frontend, it aims to simplify file management and improve productivity.


Close. The real solution is to replace the file system metaphor entirely. Files still exist. The data has to live somewhere. But their content is what is useful not the names of the files or a (single) hierarchy.

I think this tool might leave me feeling the same way I used to as a kid, after my mum had been through my room and “tidied it up”.

It was very well organised but I could never find anything again because the “map” that indexed the “mess” in my brain was destroyed.

BTW files on my computer are mostly UUID. It’s not their names that I use to find what I want.