Sending from the new Guild of Entrepreneurs app!


Answering from the app :cowboy_hat_face:

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I am jealous! The app is live on Android but Apple is being a pain so we have a few week delay on iOS but it is coming, what do you think of the app so far @SimonBiggs and @Eric?

Android finally getting something first! :joy:

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(sent from app)

I like it :blush: great addition. Definitely feels significantly easier to interact with.

Biggest pain point right now, what ever text field they use in the app doesn’t utilise my keyboard’s autocorrect… So by default i type like a numpty

It actually feels better than the circle app, its pretty good!

I’m noticing the latest posts … Aren’t always the latest ones lol

I think that is because it is a pinned post

So glad! :smile:

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Also… Clicking notifications doesnt actually take you to the post corresponding to the notification :frowning:

Oh? Where does it take you? Are you raising it as an issue already with the team?

…I haven’t no… How back and forth has your conversation with them been? (or would me posting a GitHub issue be better?)

They have been pretty great to deal with, but I imagine a GitHub issue would be the best avenue

Replying from the beta version of the Apple app :partying_face:

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Anyone else having trouble with the app?

Works for me, writing this from the app, but I’m on iOS