Sustainable Solutions Take Flight ✈️


Who knew you could make ethylene, a key ingredient in many products we use daily, without any fossil fuels? :exploding_head: A University of Toronto startup called CERT Systems has cracked the code on green ethylene production using only renewable electricity and carbon dioxide. Their innovative approach not only eliminates emissions, it actually consumes CO2 in the process!

From shampoo to food packaging, ethylene makes modern life lightweight and durable. But its conventional manufacturing method is a big emissions culprit. CERT’s breakthrough stands to redefine how we produce this essential chemical (and many others!) in a renewable way. :bulb::seedling:

First incubated at the university, CERT has since piloted their technology and is now gearing up for commercialization. Diverse collaboration was vital, from engineers and scientists to experts in business and policy. This highlights how we need an interdisciplinary mindset to develop climate solutions that are both technically feasible and socially accepted.

So entrepreneurs, how do we spur cutting-edge innovation while considering impacts on jobs, workers’ rights and more? Have you grappled with this tension? I’d love to hear your experiences steering progress ethically! :woman_technologist:t5::man_technologist:t5:

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CERT Systems’ breakthrough in producing ethylene sustainably without fossil fuels is an exciting development. However, balancing emerging solutions with ethical considerations around impacts on workers, communities, and society as a whole should be considered. Responsible implementation will require proactive engagement with stakeholders, commitment to equitable principles, and creative thinking about how to transition economically in a just way. If we maintain this holistic mindset, we can steer progress in a direction that is socially ethical.