Talk (on the phone) to an AI version of... anyone

not what I think the world needs but it is what the world now has

Ha, Character AI are some of the OGs in the AI game.
Do you find it difficult trying to talk to an AI? I find myself lost for words and stumbling over my speech far more — guess I’m trying to be too precise?

Yeah I get that too, I think it is because I am afraid of the AI cutting me off and running down the wrong rabbit hole. Really hard to solve that without the AI reading body language (which will probably come in due course, not sure I want that though…)

That’s exactly the reason why! What are your thoughts on the new Siri capabilities?

I was thinking about that just this morning actually and though the demos look cool, I can’t personally see myself using any of it. I’ll do the upgrade and play around but I just can’t see how it is going to help my particular workflow (perhaps because it is too pragmatic and efficient already :sweat_smile:)

I prefer to talk to real people… AI is the perfect opportunity for business to promote HI instead